Here's How to Take the Top Off Your Jeep Wrangler

You planned for rain, but as you're about to embark on a quick off-roading day trip through the Batavia, NY and Buffalo area, you notice that those rain clouds and the humid haze have burned off to reveal pleasant and warm summer rays. You're in a Jeep Wrangler, so what's your natural next move? You take the top off!

Taking the Top Off Your Jeep Wrangler is a Simple and Quick Process

Is your Jeep Wrangler a "hardtop" model? Many are, so here are a few tools you'll need to have on hand as you prepare to take the top off your model:

  • Rachet Set or Drill
  • T40 Torx Bit
  • A Driver Socket
  • A Friend!

Removing the top of your hardtop Jeep Wrangler should take about 30 minutes, so be sure to budget your time appropriately and take care of this process before you hit the trails!

  • Take off the front panels using the latches (You might have to gently pop out the sun visors to reach them)
  • Slowly push up and remove the driver's side and passenger's side panel and place in a safe area
  • Next, remove the two T40 Torx bolts on the corners of the rear section of the top
  • You should then remove the three T40 Torx bolts that hold are secured to every side of the top (You'll likely find these fitted snugly under the windows)
  • After completing the above step, feel free to "unplug" and disconnect any visible electrical components and connects by giving a gentle push and pull
  • You'll need a pal for this next step: Lift up from the heart or center of the top and slowly pull back to remove it. Again, you'll want to set this in a safe place where you're sure it won't be damaged!

Now you're ready to hit the roads of Batavia, NY, Buffalo, and Rochester in your roofless Jeep Wrangler! If you'd like to learn more about this versatile model, we encourage you to look over our selection of Jeep Wrangler models. Or, feel free to browse our new inventory to find another Jeep truck or SUV that sparks your interest. After discovering which model suits your needs, use these directions to pilot your way to see the Jeep Wrangler up close and personal at our dealership near Albion, NY and Le Roy!

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