Prepare For Winter Roads: Winter Service at Castilone Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

The winter months wreak havoc on vehicles throughout Batavia and Brockport - with frigid temperatures straining engines to salty roads rotting the undercarriage and mechanical components with every passing day, servicing your vehicle to withstand the elements prior to the depths of winter is crucial to ensure your safety, and your vehicle's longevity. Whether seeking a protective undercoating, winter tires, or a thinner oil grade to provide maximal lubrication when temperatures drop below freezing, Castilone Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram's team of service professionals assist drivers throughout Albion in preparing their vehicles for the months ahead.

Winter Services

A variety of services are required to adequately prepare your car, truck or SUV for the winter months. Offering a fully-equipped Mopar® service center, Castilone Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and our team of experienced service professionals ensure your vehicle leaves our dealership properly equipped for whatever weather you encounter throughout winter.

Snow tires or all-season tires are essential to maintaining proper traction when navigating slick or snow-covered roads. If you're still using your summer tires, or a previous years' snow tire that no longer has adequate tread depth, obtaining and installing new tires to suit the upcoming season is crucial. Our team offers a variety of tire brands and a fast, efficient tire installation service to get your vehicle back on the road and comfortably navigating the poor driving conditions.

Oil changes, while a regular aspect of vehicle maintenance, are essential during the winter months. In especially cold conditions, a lighter grade of oil than usual may be beneficial to helping your vehicle in starting more easily in cold conditions, due to its better viscosity. Additionally, a protective undercoating assists in providing protection against the elements - an optional, but recommended service before embarking on your travels in winter.

Castilone Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram: Receive Your Winter Service

Whether seeking new tires or a variety of other winter services to prepare your vehicle for the difficult months ahead, Castilone Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram's team of service specialists ensure your vehicle receives the attentive service it requires to remain confidently on the road in spite of snowy and freezing weather. Stop by our dealership today to speak with a service center representative about winter service and vehicle preparation, or give us a call to schedule your next service appointment at your earliest convenience!

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