Make Sure Your Car Is Ready Before You Go On Your Next Summer Vacation

There is nothing worse than heading down the road in a state or area you don't know, with your family packed into the back seat and luggage carefully placed in the cargo area, and seeing the check engine light come on, or better yet, begin to flash. Now what?

You'll have to find a garage, spend the money you had saved for vacation to get your vehicle repaired, and waste valuable time sitting in the waiting room wrangling children attempting to stop them from climbing over you piles of luggage.

Don't Let This Situation Happen To You! Have Your Vehicle Maintained Before You Head Out

While the above may seem slightly dramatic, it could be a possibility if you don't keep up with your regular maintenance or have your vehicle checked out by trained professionals before your summer road trip begins. Anything from multiple potholes in Batavia knocking your car out of alignment or allowing your brake pads to become too disintegrated to waiting too long to change your oil or ignoring a check engine light for a longer period of time can damage your vehicle and make it a ticking time bomb. Add that to the number of miles you'll be traveling on your trip and you're headed for disaster.

We encourage you to schedule an appointment at our service center before you leave to ensure that your car, truck, SUV, or van is in good working order. Our expert technicians can change your oil, replace your brake pads, check your other fluids, realign or switch out your tires, and much more. Schedule your appointment online or call us if you'd like to discuss your vehicle's service beforehand. You can also stop by our Batavia dealership, which is just a short drive from Albion NY, Brockport, and Buffalo, to talk to one of our associates in person.

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